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The Tech Career of Charles Leaver

January 20, 2018

Many years ago, Charles Leaver entered the cybersecurity business by way of his management and operation of some of the most technologically advanced lottery systems in the world. These systems were located on three continents, so his experience is definitely global in nature. As the CEO of cybersecurity giant Ziften, it is clear that his commitment to the future of cybersecurity is strong. That commitment comes out of his optimism. He believes it will always be necessary to secure technology, no matter how advanced we think we are.

For example, Charles Leaver now points to the coming "Internet of Things" as an example of a movement that will drive massive growth in cybersecurity. In fact, he believes that, as long as technology moves forward, someone will always want to compromise the data. That motivates him to make sure his company, Ziften, will be one of the leaders in cybersecurity as the technological revolution moves into its next phase. His sense of innovation makes the future bright for cybersecurity.