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A Profile of Ziften CEO Charles Leaver

April 20, 2018

Whenever one takes a look back at the full scope of his career, it is easy to see why Charles Leaver landed at Ziften as their Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ziften has a reputation as a powerhouse in the area of cybersecurity, and Chuck is seen as something of a tech icon. After all, his tech career began in 1982 and has included experience in many areas. He has been a tech entrepreneur, as well as a senior executive, and even a sales and management specialist and advisor. He has worked in many different tech fields, although there has been something of a concentration in the media and the mobile sectors.

Prior to becoming Ziften's CEO, Charles Leaver served as their Chairman for a time. Before that, however, he was a partner with the Texas venture capital firm Trellis Partners, which is located in Austin. It is no exaggeration to note that Chuck Leaver has shown a high evel of skill in virtually every aspect of tech and cybersecurity. His particular specialties are in the areas of application software and infrastructure technologies, as well as ERP, Web application development, E-Learning, and Gaming.

Chuck Leaver is well-known and highly regarded through all areas of the tech sector as someone who possesses a knack for successfully guiding companies to innovate and push the leading edge of technology. He has moved a number of tech markets into new markets with considerable success. Charles Leaver made his way to the cybersecurity business somewhat naturally, when he owned, operated and managed several technologically sophisticated lottery systems on three continents; South America, Asia and Europe.